O Dang!

On Loyalty...

Otaku Dang, the Emerald Magistrate Otomo Amaya (paintscribe ), Amaya's other yoriki - Kakita Kitahana, and a visiting Kuni Emerald Magistrate were out on the town.  They meet the Governor’s Son Bayushi Jocho at a sake house. There was a good deal of sake and quite a few insults between Dang and Jocho.  Dang accused Jocho of being a murderer. Jocho broke Dang’s nose. Emerald Magistrate Otomo Amaya called for them to stop. As she did so, her yoriki, Dang, released the spell that punched Jocho with the river, knocking his mask off and sending him sprawling.

Amaya was livid, for she did not believe her yoriki as drunk as he let on. She told him to go see to his nose and he wipes away the brokenness with a spell. She tries to send him away with the visiting Crab Magistrate, but the crab is amused by the events.

So she turns her back on them, and returns Jocho’s mask.

When Otaku Dang bows to her back and apologizes, she ignores him, too angry to speak to him at that moment.  They meet the next day...

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scholar bear

Chinese Translation Help

A friend of mine is designing a game and he needs help translating some Chinese text regarding some images that he wants to reference for his game design.

I know a few of you speak/read Chinese can you help him out?


Here's the link: http://gobi.livejournal.com/775945.html?view=3060745#t3060745